lb testroot(1) Ensure that a system is built as root


lb testroot [live-build options]


lb testroot is a high-level command (porcelain) of live-build(7), the Debian Live tool suite.

lb testroot simply checks to see if you are root. If not, it exits with an error. Debian Live images must currently be built as real root.

Note: Support for using fakeroot(1) and sudo(8) internally in live-build itself is still experimental, however, calling a helper yourself with sudo is safe.


lb testroot has no specific options but understands all generic live-build options. See live-build(7) for a complete list of all generic live-build options.




More information about live-build and the Debian Live project can be found on the homepage at <> and in the manual at <>.


Bugs can be reported by submitting a bugreport for the live-build package in the Debian Bug Tracking System at <> or by writing a mail to the Debian Live mailing list at <[email protected]>.


live-build was written by Daniel Baumann <[email protected]> for the Debian project.